Portable Dental X-Ray Machine

Digitech Systems is a leading manufacturer, exporter, trader and wholesaler of all types of Portable Dental X-Ray Machine in ahmedabad, gujarat.

  • Advanced Electronics Design.
  • Lighter and Smaller Size.
  • Powerful Heavy Duty Battery.
  • Sensor, Film, PSP Compatible.
  • Active Dose Control
  • Very Low Leakage Radiation
  • 0.4mm Focal Spot
Portable Dental X-Ray Machine
Technical Specifications
Output KV (DC)
60kV / 65kV / 70kV
Tube mA
2.3 mA
Exposure Time
0.01s - 1.0s
Focal Spot
0.4mm IEC
Li-Ion Rechargeable, 2900mAh
Cone Length
200 mm, Fixed
>1.5mm AI
X-Ray Field
60mm Round
No. of X-Ray Per Charge
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