CY110HG (110MM X 18M) High Glossy Type-5

Digitech Systems is a leading manufacturer, exporter, wholesaler, trader of all types of Ultrasound Paper/Video Printing Paper – CY110HG (110MM X 18M) High Glossy Type – 5 in ahmedabad, gujarat.


  1. 80gsm paper thickness
  2. Durability up to 7 to 10 years, provided Paper should be stored indoor ,at temperature between 18  ̊C to 20  ̊C and with a relative humidity of 60% to 80%.
  3. 1 box we have 5 rolls
  4. Various thermal paper grades (Standard, High Glossy)
  5. Standard grade (SM110S) — optimal gray scale
  6.  High glossy grade (SM110HG) — distinctive brand identity and protection against counterfeit products, scratch resistant and water resistant
  7. Suitable for use on Sony & Mitsubishi video printers
CY110HG (110MM X 18M) High Glossy Type-5​

Technical Specifications

Product Name
CY110HG (110MM X 18M) High Glossy - Type 5
Product Details
CIYAN CY110HG Type 5- High Glossy Black & White printing media 240 prints per roll. 1 box - 5 rolls 80gsm Paper thickness Ultrasound Printing Paper (Paper for printing ultrasound scanning images )
Printers Compactable
UP-895MD, UP-D895, UP-897MD, UP-D897MD, UP-D898MD, UP-X898MD, UPP-110HG
No of Prints/Roll*
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